I can’t say enough good things about Westborough Royale. I am a private caregiver for a lady staying here. The staff are amazing and work as a team. Everyone puts in 100% , and a lot of the staff have been here for many years and love what they do. The administrator Bridget Kelly is truly amazing and runs this place with passion! This is the only care home I’ve worked in that I would place a loved one. I’ve worked in many throughout the years and would not recommend. Westborough royale is truly a gem!
Claire M.

private caregiver

Over the past year, I have had the joy of serving a handful of residents at Westborough Royale as a home health physical therapist (I am not employed by Westborough). This place has all the essentials you would want for your loved ones: wonderful clean spaces, great food and a calendar full of activities, but the thing that separates Westborough from all other assisted living homes is undoubtedly the staff.

Even through the depths of the pandemic when the home was closed to non-essential visitors, the staff remained caring, attentive and committed to serving it’s residents. As a physical therapist, I have never met a staff team that was so eager, ready and willing to help these residents improve their mobility and quality of life as I have at Westborough.

Finally, I must highlight Westborough Royale’s Executive Director, Bridget. Her experience and insight are absolutely vital to this team. I have never a met a director who knows so well the needs, preferences and difficulties for each resident. Working with her has made all the difference in helping our home health team deliver better care.

Mathew H.

Physical Therapist

Having my dad there for the last 6 months I don’t understand how they don’t have a 5 star. They are working in a difficult time and environment and they have checked all my boxes. Since I am 60 years old this is my first review ever I hope I do it right. Thank You Westborough Royale
Jeff L.

family member of resident

Ten years???? My mom is 96 and doing well. The staff’s efforts to keep everyone healthy at Westborough during the Covid epidemic was nothing less than heroic. I’m looking forward to checking in myself sometime soon.
Vince D.

family member of resident

This is a great place if your need help caring for a older family member. The staff here is always caring and very personal. They also answer the phone, ‘Hello Mr. McKinley’ whenever I call, and know immediately where my grandmother is.

They are also very clean. They clean the room everyday and wash my grandmother’s clothes. They also bring her her neccesary medication. If she ever goes anywhere, they are sure to give her the medication needed.

Some of my favorite parts about this place is the parties that they have. For example, for Christmas they had a party on Christmas eve at noon. They go all out, and do not skim on any details. For Christmas they had a Santa and Carolers and even decorated the whole place with Christmas decorations.

One of my other favorites is that you can join your loved one for dinner any night you like. They may charge you, but you can eat in the main dining room with your family member.

They also have various other activities such as card games, poker, board game nights, karaoke, and even manicures and pedicures. All offered within Westbourgh Royal.

Nick M.

family member of resident

I would recommend this facility to anyone needing an assisted living environment. The facility is clean and well maintained. The staff is friendly and went above and beyond to work with our family to provide the necessary care.
Denise G.

family member of resident

My dad has been living in Westborough Royal for a few months. The entire staff is wonderful! They are friendly and caring, and go out of their way to support the residents and families. Residents are well taken care of. It was difficult for my dad and family to make the transition to assisted living, but knowing that he is in a place that cares so much about his well being, gives us peace of mind.
Debbie P.

family member of resident

A few years ago I had to make a tough decision to find an assisted living residence for my grandmother. I spent weeks visiting places in the Bay Area. After careful consideration, I found Westborough Royale to be the winner. Bernadette and Bridget made our transition an easy one. Both were so kind and a joy to work with.

This place has has been nothing short of a fun time. My grandmother has never been healthier and happier. The entire staff cares for each resident as if they were their own family. All are properly trained and go beyond their duties to accommodate my grandmother and every resident.

The activities they have are so much fun. I must give the highest accolades to Della who makes all the magic happen with her amazing parties!! Even my son enjoys attending their events!

I highly recommend Westborough Royale because this place just feels like home!


family member of resident

I have been a resident at Westborough Royale for almost four years. I came to Westborough after suffering from a stroke, and needed much assistance with my daily activities. I can not say enough about the care I received from the caregivers here. They were always there to assist me. After almost three years I was able to get out of my wheelchair and into using a walker. The caregivers had a lot to do with my recovery. I have lots of fun joking and laughing with them each day. They are so great and caring.

The food here is excellent. Yolanda is our top chef here and prepares all of our great meals.You get three nourishing meals each day.

You will never have a day with nothing to do. There are activities each day for you to join. Della is our activity director and is responsible for planning these activities. She does much more than planning activities. She is always ready to help residents in so many ways. She is a real Sweetheart and I know you would also like her as much as I do. There is a newsletter you receive each month that contains a calendar showing the activities for each day of the month.

But if you decide to just relax there are many areas just for that. There is so much beauty outside with pretty flowers and trees. I spend a lot of time out there just relaxing and chatting with friends.

And speaking of friends..I have met so many beautiful friends here that make my day so enjoyable. This place is just awesome. If you are considering an assisted living facility, I emphatically recommend Westborough Royale. I hope to make your friendship soon… Definitely

Ron. B.


My mother has lived at Westborough Royale for several years and the care is unmatched. The staff there is soooo amazing and have real heart. My mother took a bad turn a few years ago and with support of Bernadette (the administrator), working with her doctors, family and the entire staff….we rallied and saw her through the hard time. Yes, we as a family had to be there as often as we could, but she is our mother and how many nights did she stay up with us as children when we were ill?…..we were more than happy to do it. Like I said, she is our mother, why wouldn’t we?

They have an array of things to do. Their health & wellness program offers so much… exercise, Tai Chi & Yoga, as well as brain games to keep the mind working and tons of fun stuff. There are outings, weekly entertainment, happy hour, the holiday parties are absolutely incredible, they go all out. The Halloween party blew us away…it was so much fun. My mother who has never gone for something like that actually handmade her costume and won second in the costume contest.

You should never miss a Christmas at Westborough. You walk into a Winter Wonderland. They have given my mother so much more than she ever would have had at home. Prior to living at Westborough she only had TV and family visits. I was so worried about her being so isolated and alone all day. Since being at Westborough she has thrived and her quality of life is so much improved. She has made great friends and now has a social life. We all laugh, because we now have to make appointments to visit her because she is always doing something…. we have to work around her schedule…..it’s funny and comforting. So I’m giving five stars and a great shout out to ALL the staff at Westborough Royale. Keep up the great work.

Brian N.

family member of resident

Westborough Royale, Assisted Living facility has been my home for seven years and they have been very happyyears for me. All the personnel here are so pleasant and helpful. They perform their duties in a cheerful manner such as showers, helping people get dressed, assisting helping to get those who need it to get to meals, activities and outings.

There are many times my “get up and go, got up and went” but the staff have always been there to lend an encouraging hand. They truly keep me going.

My son lives out of state and many times I’ve needed help with things that are not the staffs responsibility but they have always helped me asking nothing in return.

I enjoy most of the activities that are provided and love the vast array of entertainment. And wow…the holiday parties are out of this world!!!

As for meals, there is a diverse menu of home cooked and tasty meals. Naturally not everyone likes everything that is served but there are several alternatives to choose from. I, personally, find most of the meals tasty and nicely served. The facility is run by two most competent, and charming ladies, Director, Bernadette Kennedy and her niece, Assistant Director, Bridget Kelly. There is a very close relationship between the residents and the staff, we sit, chat and laugh. I look forward to those moments, they have become my friends and extended family.

Dorothy S.


A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day
A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day
A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day
A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day
A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day
A family visits with their elderly loved one on Valentine's Day