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Our mother has been a resident of Westborough Royale for six years. We couldn’t be happier with the care she receives on a day -to-day basis. Your staff is very kind to the residents. They really care and you can see it.
We just love that every holiday is celebrated with a big party. When we walk in at Christmas – it looks like a Winter Wonderland! We volunteer often for the parties and the best is the gingerbread houses the residents decorate at Christmas. Easter at Westborough is also very special. Many times we have our grandchildren come to help and we all have such a fabulous time.

Lorene H. – daughter of resident
Andrea B. – daughter of resident

Westborough Royale not only takes excellent care of the residents but also considers the families that have many questions and concerns about health issues of the resident. They are all extremely helpful. I know my mother’s life and also mine would not be as happy if it weren’t for all of you.

Carole M., daughter of resident

The entire staff should be commended for their attentive and sensitive care shown daily to the people in their charge.

Toni V., family member

It is heartwarming to look back and know Mom and I made a great choice in choosing Westborough Royale Assisted Living for her last 3 years of life.
I never had a doubt after seeing and working alongside your staff as a firefighter for over 27 years treating and tending to the needs of the residents, that she would have gone anywhere else. When her needs become more difficult to handle, the staff would always be at her side protecting, caring and comforting her.

Willie L., son of resident

I do think it is important to recognize good service and outstanding efforts when it is called for so I am writing to thank the management and staff of Westborough Royale for their quality service with their residents and with my mother.

Carrie B., daughter of resident